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Kia Rio
Known as the B-class hatchback model, the Kia Rio comes with very affordable price advantages compared to its competitors in its class. When we look at the list published on the official site, it is seen that the model is one of the most suitable cars. Renault Clio is currently the most affordable car among the B-class hatchback models. However, Kia Rio is waiting for buyers at dealers with prices that will enchant you.

2021 Kia Rio price list! One of the cheapest in its class! The car, which we base the 2021 model year on, comes with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine at the base equipment level. Let’s say that this engine, which produces 84 horsepower, is accompanied by a manual transmission. The price of the package called Cool is determined as 175.900 TL. If you say you want to buy an automatic Kia Rio, the prices go up a little more. When we look at the list, it is seen that the cheapest automatic package is 209,900 TL.

If you want to buy an affordable vehicle, Kia Rio can be among the alternatives. If you wish, let’s not prolong the talk any longer and leave you alone with the prices of the vehicle. Here is the current 2021 Kia Rio price list! We continue to share with you the developments in the new automobile market in our country. Our guest today will be Kia Sportage, which is in the C segment SUV class. The model, which has managed to attract attention with its width and eye-catching design lines, draws attention as one of the most affordable models in its class.

2021 Kia Sportage price list! The cheapest C-SUV!

The 2021 Kia Sportage comes with a 1.6-liter petrol engine at the base trim level. Let’s not forget that this engine, which can produce 132 horsepower, is accompanied by a manual transmission. This package, called Cool, currently finds buyers in our country at a price of 244,500 TL. Although this price seems high, when the market conditions are evaluated, it turns out that it is actually quite suitable. Some manufacturers are now selling B-segment SUV models instead of the C-segment for these money.

But of course, when the business shifts to automation, the price jumps. In addition to the increasing costs with the automatic transmission, the SCT rates in our country have a high share in this. The cheapest automatic Kia Sportage finds buyers at 359,900 TL according to the list prices. If you wish, let’s not prolong the talk any longer and let’s share the list with all the prices of the vehicle with you. The new Renault Express Turkey price has been announced! By far the cheapest commercial vehicle!
Renault Turkey introduced its new commercial vehicles that will replace Renault Kangoo, which is already on sale. Renault Express Van and Express Combi.

Renault Express, which comes with its stylish design and many firsts in its class, will take its place in Renault dealers in the coming days. Currently, there is only a manual transmission version of the car. Renault Turkey team also stated that there is no automatic transmission version in the current plan. Of course, in the future, maybe an automatic transmission version will be included among the options. Another curious question was whether there will be an electric version of the new Express. This question has also been answered. Officials also said there is no electric version in the current plan. The electric version that Renault will bring to Turkey soon will be Dacia Spring. Now let’s come to the new Renault Express prices. Considering the current launch prices, it can be said that these models are currently the most affordable commercial vehicles.

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According to the claims of the Lithuanian Cyber ​​Security Authority, the devices that Chinese tech giant Xiaomi sells in Europe are capable of detecting and censoring terms such as “free Tibet”, “long live Taiwan independence” or “democracy movement”. Xiaomi, on the other hand, made a press release on this subject today.