On this page, you'll find documents I wrote, my own SW to download and so on. Unfortunatly, the page is rather empty, yet...

MacBook Pro - Windows keyboard driver

Beginning of 2006, I bought a MacBook Pro. Shortly after the introduction, Apple presented the application "BootCamp" allowing to install Windows XP in a separate partition on the HD. I did it and it really worked!. But I had some troubles with Windows XP's standard keyboard driver (German - Swiss, kbdsg.dll). E.g. the following keys were exchanged: [< >] and [§ °] and I would like to generate "@" with CTRL-ALT-G analogous to ALT-G in MacOS X. I downloaded Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC) and here is my adapted keyboard driver "kbdsgmac.dll" (doubleclick the .msi installer file)